Decorate Your Bare Walls with European Tapestries

Large wall tapestry

Are you looking for beautiful tapestries to cover the walls of your home? Save on Wall Art carries large tapestries to reflect your existing decor or create a whole new look in any room. You’ll find a terrific assortment of 15th Century landscape tapestries, Americana tapestries, Renaissance, Medieval, and European art from Italy, Belgium, and France.

Discover Beautiful Large Tapestries at Save on Wall Art

Hanging a very large tapestry on the wall is a quick yet elegant way to decorate your space. From eye-catching designs to bright colors and unique sceneries, tapestries have all that you need to take your room decor up a notch. What’s more, they are a more affordable alternative to expensive paintings and wall art. When chosen properly, they can instantly transform the look and vibe of any room, whether it is your living room, bedroom, dining room, or office. And the best part about buying tapestries to dress up a bare wall is that they are so easy to hang. There are multiple ways to do it, and all those ways always guarantee success.

At Save on Wall Art, we offer an extensive selection of large tapestry wall hangings, which include animal and wildlife tapestries, ancient art tapestries, large map tapestries, castle and gothic architecture tapestries, Christian art tapestries, large tree tapestries, and more.

Using Tapestries to Decorate Your Home

Nothing compares to large tapestries when it comes to adding color, warmth, and texture to your interior design. While deciding where to hang that gorgeous city and village tapestry might seem like a daunting task at first, you will be quite pleased once you see it adorn the wall. It is only by hanging the piece at the right place that you can admire it every day. But before you go ahead, here are a few things you need to keep in mind when displaying tapestries in your home or office:

·         The size matters. Smaller tapestries look great in smaller spaces like stair landings while very large tapestries are best hung on a big empty wall.

·         Do not rush into it. Before you drill a hole into the wall, stop to think about your desired look. If there are other art pieces on the wall, you need to consider whether the tapestry will complement them or look out of place.

·         If you want your eye to see the tapestry when you walk into the room, make sure to hang it at eye level and use it as the focal piece in the arrangement.

·         You can always use lighting to highlight your favorite piece of art. You can use sconces or a picture light to call attention to the beauty of the tapestry.

·         To create a classic, almost medieval feel in your home, don’t shy away from hanging tapestries in the less obvious rooms, such as the powder room or even guest rooms.

·         But don’t go overboard. When using wall hangings like tapestries, keep things simple and sophisticated. For instance, if you have a large tapestry on a wall, you don’t need to add more artwork on the other walls.

Americana Art Tapestries

One of our most-beloved selections includes Americana large tapestries and old favorites like dogs around a poker table favorites ‘A Bold Bluff’ and ‘A Friend in Need’. You’ll also see a generous collection of Americana Bear wall art, like Love Bears, Soldier Bears, Curly Bears, and Boyds Bears. Americana tapestries can transform any room into a cultural experience- feel free to select ‘Americana’ from our inventory menu to see hundreds of large tapestries, blankets, afghans, throws, and pillows.

African Tapestries

Celebrate your African heritage or your love for African art with our unique collection in bold, striking colors and intricate artwork. Our famous Unity Wall Tapestry features four beautiful women of color in colorful floor-length dresses highlighting modest abstract artwork. Belgian-made African vertical tapestries are perfect for smaller areas in the home that require a splash of color to add a touch of sophistication.

Extra Large Tapestries

Our oversized wall tapestries are an exceptional deal and come in a fantastic assortment of styles. Browse the Belgian and French collections to find Bath and Reading in the Garden, Autumn Winter, Chasse A Courre De Detti, Chateau Bellevue I, Don Quixote, Departure of the Knights, and many other favorites. Details and color of tapestries sold by Save on Wall Art are impressive- and your satisfaction with our quality is guaranteed.

No Fine-Print Guarantee

If you don’t simply love your large tapestries after 30 days, return them to us for a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement- we’re that certain you’ll appreciate the quality of our products and the beauty they bring to your living spaces. Buy with confidence and inspect your tapestries upon receipt, hang them on your walls, and enjoy them for a full month before you decide if they’re worth keeping. We know you’ll absolutely love your investment.

Belgian Flower Tapestries

Belgium is most-often noted for its incredibly beautiful flowers and floral landscapes. You can own an authentic reproduction of a Belgium museum piece featuring exquisite designs like 2 Poppys, Parade Wall, Summer Flowers, Moss Room Urn, and many French renditions as well. If you have a room in your home that would benefit from a splash of color, we invite you to explore our flora and fauna tapestries in a variety of sizes.

Enjoy Fine Art for Less

Don’t overpay for beautiful large tapestries when Save on Wall Art has what you want for less. You’ll receive high-quality made-in-USA art fashioned after some of the most famous art pieces in world history. Click the ‘Tapestry’ link and select ‘Large Tapestries’ to see our many hundreds of options.

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