Decorate Your Bare Walls with European Tapestries

Tapestry Wall Hanging

Tapestry is a beautiful style of wall décor that has been around for hundreds of years. It is one of the earliest forms of moveable art. Tapestries are woven out of a variety of different colored threads to form amazing pictures, scenes, and designs. Tapestries were originally woven by hand using wooden looms. Today, tapestries are manufactured with high-quality mechanical looms that can create even the most intricate patterns.

Tapestry for the Home

Originally, tapestries were not only a pleasure to view but they also served a purpose. Their thick material offered a way to insulate the walls to control the temperature of the room. Tapestries today are less bulky and therefore you can use them in a variety of ways.

Tapestries are ideal for throws. Throws are essentially blankets that can be wrapped around a person to provide comfort and warmth. Throws are also a way to add an interesting accent to the room. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs as well as your budget.

A tapestry can also be hung on the walls as a form of artwork. In addition, pillows are another option for tapestries. You can choose from a very large selection in order to provide the perfect accent to the room. They come in styles that range from classic to whimsical and everything in-between.

Choosing Tapestries

With so many options it can be difficult to choose tapestries for your home. Consider how you will use the item in the room. For example, a throw will likely be draped across a sofa or a chair when it isn’t in use. Pillows can be placed on couches and chairs. Pick a throw or pillow with the colors that will look best as accents to your room.

You can search on our website using several different filters. Pick from one of our many categories of designs. You may also want to choose based on the main color of the piece or the artist. Have fun viewing all the many choices that are available. We offer many different products.

If you are considering big or small tapestries for your home don’t forget about all the rooms and family members. It is a good idea to have several throws in the room so that everyone can snuggle up with one if they want. Choose several pillows in coordinating styles to add a personal design touch to the area.

Don’t forget about your friends and family members when ordering tapestries. Tapestry throws and pillows make ideal gifts for loved ones as well as for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and weddings. You can find tapestries that will fit anyone’s personality and taste.

Tapestries are so beautiful and useful that you will want to have several in every room of your home. We offer one of the largest selections of tapestries available online.

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At Save on Wall Art, we provide an extensive selection of wall tapestries. Depending on your home design, personal taste, or need, you can take your pick from tapestries in different styles, colors, prints, patterns, and sizes. Whether you are looking to buy large ornate tapestries or smaller wall hanging tapestries, here you will find them all and more. Here are some of our most popular offerings:

·         Art tapestries

Brighten up your everyday with stunning art tapestries that you can hang on the wall. If you have a bare wall in your home or office that is in dire need of some color, our fine art tapestries are definitely a great choice to dress it up. They will not just give the space a more elegant feel but also add warmth and texture.

·         Contemporary tapestries

Add a personal touch to your interior decor with our contemporary tapestries that are designed to match your individual tastes. They are the perfect alternative to fine art tapestries and an ideal choice for homeowners who want to embrace the unique beauty and allure of tapestries in their modern homes. The contemporary tapestries come in an array of striking scenes and images that will immediately add visual interest to any room.

·         Animal and wildlife tapestries

Love animals? Love art? Then, what better way to proclaim your love for both than with our animal and wildlife tapestry art? With the seemingly endless choices available for you, including peacocks, doves, flamingos, and so on, it has become easier than ever to pick a tapestry that best matches your style and aesthetic, and the color palette of your home or workspace.

·         Famous artist tapestries

Looking to add more artistic flair to your living space? Our famous artist tapestries are just what you need. showcasing some of the most beautiful works of art by renowned artists, our selection has something for everyone. Whether you want to set the tone of a room or make it look and feel more regal, you will surely find a famous artist tapestry that gives you what you want.

·         Nautical tapestries

Let your home decor be a reflection of your love for travel and the sea. Capture the sounds and sights of the deep seas, waves, and ships with our nautical tapestries. Browse through our selection to explore these unique hanging tapestries, all made from the finest materials and available at affordable prices.

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