About Us

Hello and welcome to Save on Wall Art, your one-stop-shop in the digital world for all thing’s tapestries, wall art, cushions and home décor. Since our inception, our goal has been to provide our customers with nothing but the most awe-inspiring and innovative wall décor and home décor in the market. We realize the importance of quality over price, something we accentuate in our unique art!

Started by Jude as a passion project, he loved decorating his home with wall hangings and tapestries. However, one day he had an idea, ‘Why not follow my dream and start a business doing something he’s   so passionate about?’

Since that day, Jude never looked back as he started Save on Wall Art and turned it into a successful business. Because he poured his heart and soul into this company, you will see the attention to detail and the love that goes in creating the various home décor decorations available at our store. After all, the way you decorate your home/office shows how much you love the place. The better it looks, the better you will feel too!

At Save on Wall Art, you will find almost everything that belongs in the wall-art-decoration category. From tapestries, cushions, tapestry throws, oil paintings, exotic European tapestries and even stretched tapestries, you will be surprised to see the number of items you can get for your wall décor.

Internationally Sourced and Made in America too!

To ensure that our customers get the best quality products, we source only from reputed mills both internationally and from North America. Our craftsmen are all skilled Europeans and Americans. Combining Jude’s inspirational leadership along with the hard-working dedication of our employees, you get exceptional high-quality tapestry wall art and home décor products

Our manufacturers use various types of threads, including cotton, wool, viscose, and polyesters, to render the tapestry as close as to the original artwork.  This ensures durability, texture and vibrancy. So, when you buy our products, you can own it with pride!

What Are You Waiting For!

You never know when the best items might sell out. So, why the wait, visit our website www.saveonwallart.com and start shopping now!