Decorate Your Bare Walls with European Tapestries

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The Best Wall Art Tapestries with SaveOnWallArt

About 50 miles south of Tampa, Florida is the beautiful town of Sarasota. This small city is known for Siesta Key Beach that is always ranked among the top 10 beaches in the world. It’s a shaded picnic area and a large expanse of powdery white sand makes it a “must see” destination for tourists and locals alike. Sarasota is also known as the winter home of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus that sadly had to close in 2017 after 146 years of what was truly the greatest show on earth.


Fortunately, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art remains open. It was first opened in 1927 by John Ringling and is now managed by Florida State University. When you first enter the museum the first thing you see is Ringling’s collection of five huge wall tapestries by Sir Peter Paul Ruben (1577-1640), an influential Flemish artist. The largest one is about 15 ft x 20 ft in size and if you have a spare $50 or $60 million to spare you may be able to take one home and make your living room quite unique.

We will assume that the reader of this article is not in the market for priceless artwork made for 17th century Spanish Royalty but is looking for wall art tapestries to cover some bare walls in a house or apartment. At the opposite corner of the USA from Sarasota are Bellingham, Washington, and SaveOnWallArt offering “a wide range of quality USA tapestries and home decorating accessories at affordable prices. “SaveOnWallArt was created in 1998 and features tapestry art reproductions of art from museums and private collections all over the globe.

The Choice is Yours

SaveOnWallArt lists over 40 categories of wall art tapestries from 18th and 19th-century French designs to contemporary tapestries depicting African trees or the African Voyage series with elephants or zebras. The Hunting category includes depictions of equestrian fox hunt scenes with 19th-century aristocrats on their horses and dogs leading the charge. And if you are full of the renaissance spirit consider a wall tapestry from the Medieval or Noble and Knight category. And yes, they do offer the “Dogs Playing Poker” tapestry if you have a double-wide trailer that needs some decoration.

After you have picked out some wall art tapestries consider some oil paintings on canvas to accent every room in your house. Selections form SAVEONWALLART include reproductions of Van Gogh’s Starry Night or The Vase and a wide array of oils from simple to ornate of flowers, nature scenes, and abstract topics.

Throw Pillows and More

Now that your walls are covered, does your unadorned furniture make your room seem incomplete? If yes, consider decorative throw pillows and throw blankets that can match and enhance the wall art. If you have European art on the walls why not add some throw pillows with map designs showing the continents as they are today, or what we thought they were like a few hundred years ago.

The options are endless and SaveOnWallArt is there to help create your dream décor that will impress your friends and make them put down their cell phones for a good old-fashioned conversation. Call them at 1-877-298-6630, send them an email at or use the online contact form to make your request.

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