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Decorate your home with Pillows, Table Runners, Bell Pulls and Tapestries

Tapestry Bell Pulls

A great way to decorate your home, these tapestry bell pulls are inspired by famous artists like Gustav Klimt and William Morris. The designs like Aloha, Hummingbird, Angelica Concerto, Harbor Lights, and Songs of Spring I are available. These bell pulls are crafted in Belgium and North America while taking inspiration from nature, events, and people. Every design depicts true harmony with modern décor ideas without any compromise with their authenticity. These versatile tapestry bell pulls can also be used to give an edgy look to your cushions, tapestry table runners, carpets, and area rugs. This home décor addition is not only for personal use but can also be used as Christmas, birthday, and anniversary presents to friends and family.