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Get a Taste of Medieval Period with Classic Medieval Tapestries

Medieval tapestries are extremely famous for symbolizing luxury and delicate palate in interiors of classic homes. They can impress people with their strong design, affluent color, and various themes being depicted. During the middle ages, weavers are mostly called on to weave religious-themed tapestries. These frequently are conceived as cathedrals and churches’ hangings in sets.


These tapestries too often showed the everyday scenes of life and they are utilized to illustrate fables, myths, and stories. At SaveOnWallart, we offer a lot of these tapestries including A Mon Seul Desir I, A Kiss for Alain Chartier, and Klimt’s 3 Ages to name a few.

On Caring for Your Tapestry

  • When you receive your tapestry, you may find some ceases of transit in it. You can remove this easily by making a careful press on the rear side using a steam iron. You can utilize the iron’s heat in preventing the yarns from stretching instead of pressing the item heavily.
  • Tapestries that you purchase are woven on a loom individually. As their individuality’s part, you may find weave irregularities or hanging undulations in them. They are not exactly flat and square like a print that is framed. You cannot expect them to be. This is not their nature.
  • A yearly brushing while making use of a soft brush is enough in dusting your tapestry. You can also make use of a drapes vacuum in dry-cleaning the item from stain. But you can utilize this as your last resort.
  • Tapestries that are modernly-woven can deal more with ultra-violet compared to older tapestries. But we advise you not to put them in places under direct sunlight. Doing this will make your tapestry last for a long time.

In Getting One of Our Items

At SaveOnWallart, we provide a variety of tapestries having different themes such as equestrian, falcon hunt, music & sports, medieval, nautical, oriental, and many more. We present to you our different cushions and tapestry throw having the same number of themes all available for purchase. European themed tapestries and cushions originally designed as Belgian, French, and Italian are also being showcased.

Once you make a purchase, don’t worry about the shipping fee because we give it to you for free including our handling. We also ship via Speed Post, but we do it with additional cost. Your purchased goods shall be shipped within 7-10 days upon receipt of your order confirmation or payment depending whichever is later. Special orders will take around 3 to 4 weeks depending on conditions.

We also allow a refund or replacement within 30 days. You may try any of our products during these days, but if you’re not satisfied, we will allow you at your decision to replace the item with the same value or refund your purchase entirely. No paperwork, no hidden clauses, no prints, it’s that simple.

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