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Medieval wall tapestry

Get a Taste of Medieval Period with Classic Medieval Tapestries

Medieval tapestries are extremely famous for symbolizing luxury and delicate palates in interiors of classic homes. They can impress people with their strong design, affluent color, and various themes being depicted. During the middle ages, weavers are mostly called on to weave religious-themed tapestries. These frequently are conceived as cathedrals and churches’ hangings in sets.
These tapestries too often showed the everyday scenes of life and they are utilized to illustrate fables, myths, and stories. At SaveOnWallart, we offer a wide range of Medieval tapestries including A Mon Seul Desir I, A Kiss for Alain Chartier, and Klimt’s 3 Ages, etc.  
Tapestries are woven wall hangings that depict a scene or a well-known painting. Tapestries of the medieval and Renaissance periods were constructed in Europe to decorate castles and big churches. Initially, they represented religious subjects and later historical events. During the medieval and renaissance periods tapestries began to be woven of a larger variety of fabrics, such as: wool, silk, cotton, linen, and acrylic. This gave them a greater range in colors, allowing tapestries to become more affordable for others. 
Images from everyday life as well as scenes from stories, fables, and mythology, are common in medieval tapestries. Reconstructions of the painters' best works as well as aesthetically meaningful images of life and the environment are also included in the collection. Save on Wall Art Hangings' wall hangings are produced from medieval tapestry art that feature fantastical animals, virgin faces, a concentration on sensation and perception, family life, the glorification of battles, and the commemoration of illustrious families and dynasties. Most Medieval tapestry wall hangings depict either family and social life or picturesque views dominated by flora and flowers. The fabrics used to weave the tapestries by Save on Wall Art are of the highest quality, resulting in tapestries with high-quality finishing. Check out the medieval tapestry for sale.
At SaveOnWallart, we provide a variety of tapestries having different themes such as equestrian, falcon hunt, music & sports, medieval, nautical, oriental, and many more. We present to you our different tapestry cushions, tapestry throws,and tapestry rods having the same number of themes all available for purchase. European themed tapestries and cushions originally designed as Belgian, French, and Italian are also being showcased.
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