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Decorate your home with Pillows, Table Runners, Bell Pulls and Tapestries



Blend comfort and design with the bolster cushions. These pillows not only accentuate the look of your home but also ensure that you get a much-deserved, peaceful sleep. The squishy companions give maximum support to your back and knees when you want to just rest and watch a movie in your living room. These bolster pillows have a small size and cylindrical shape that make it versatile and convenient to carry while traveling. the bolsters have tapestry print on them that go with every décor, especially if your heart leans towards contemporary style. The collection has some beautiful pieces inspired by animals and nature like Flowery in Paris, Assorted Butterflies, Dog-Scottish, and Cats. If you are one of them who has an undeniable love for nature, these tapestries online are available just for you. Pick the one that matches your home interior.