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Tapestry Rods

Add a fancy touch to your bedroom, living room, and guestroom curtains with beautiful finials. Commonly called rods and brackets, these decorative pieces would elevate the look of your basic curtain railing. Every curtain deserves to be decorated and hung beautifully. Pick from a selection of tapestry hanging rod like Fleur De Lys Antique, Fancy Feather Bronze, Close to Wall Roman, and style the curtains just the way you want. Since, even the tiniest of details can make all the difference, each one of our tapestry rods and brackets is convenient and stylish. Each of these tapestry rods is made in the USA using top-quality metal for durable performance and an attractive finish. You can use these rods with all kinds of drapes and curtains as they have a standard, match-it-all color.