Fuchsia French Pillow Cushion

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Composition100% Cotton.
OriginWoven in France
Dimensions0.15 × 18.00 × 18.00 in

Cream, Green, Pink, Red, White


Fuchsias is a French woven jacquard tapestry throw. It is part of the Comme à la Campagne Collection. Companion piece to this is the throw #5546 Fushias. The lovely and beguiling Fushia is a beloved flower among those who thrive on bold color and blooms. The first, Fuchsia was discovered on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola 1697 by the French Minim monk and botanist, Charles Plumier during an expedition to the Greater Antilles. He named the new genus after the renowned German botanist Leonhart Fuchs (1501–1566).


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