Decorate Your Bare Walls with European Tapestries

European Tapestries

Why you Need European Tapestries in your Household

Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of arts in weaving. In tapestry, you can create everything from tunics and purses to table covers and chairs. In European history, tapestries were used in interior design. It is also known that King Henry VIII was recorded to have 2000 tapestry arts displayed in his palaces all over the U.K.

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Tapestry as art was originated in Ancient Egypt but most European tapestries were woven in German monasteries because it was used to decorate walls and keep temperatures low. Wool was the most widely used material for making the warp and filling the threads. In European tapestry, light-colored silks were used to create an effective tonal gradation and spatial recession.

Tapestry is a luxury art only afforded by wealthy people. Even during the 21st century, hand-woven tapestries were too expensive for those with moderate income. People used tapestry as an identity of class or status during the medieval times. Nobles used the art to design their palaces. Up to this day, traditional European architectures always have tapestry woven arts in order to showcase the beauty of their homes.

Tips in Choosing the Best European Tapestries for Your Home

European tapestries such as wall paintings and furniture are of good quality. All of them are very pleasing to look at which makes it challenging to decide which is best. We will share some tips on how you can choose the best-tapestried furniture or decorations for your home.

Tapestried arts come in small and large figures. Consider the space of your home or the area for your European tapestries before picking the best one. As for choices, there are various designs and forms for you to choose. Do not pressure yourself when choosing. Visualize it in your head many times.

Always check the quality of the product. Look at the tapestried material closely and check every inch of it. If you are not familiar with quality control, talk a friend or someone who has some knowledge when purchasing your tapestried furniture or decorations. If you want to shop for the best European tapestries, feel free to browse on

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