Choose Wall Art Confidently with These 4 Tips

Choosing art to complement a space can be challenging for many home decorators. With a huge variety of options to choose from, narrowing your choices down to just a few pieces can prove difficult. If you are finding it challenging to choose the perfect piece of art for your space, consider these tips.

Size and Scale

Go big or go home with wall art tapestries and art pieces. This does not mean you need to choose a piece that will take up an entire room – just don’t choose art that is too small. This is a common mistake. For example, consider the space above a sofa. As a general rule, art hanging above it should be approximately 2/3 the width of the sofa or larger. This rule also applies to beds. This rule can be broken in some cases, such as on a gallery wall where multiple small pieces work together in a single display. Apply the same size and scale guidelines to gallery walls.

Choosing Color

Color is probably the biggest thing people struggle with when picking out art, often due to the fact that they are looking for something that matches with other colors in the room. Yet opting for art that matches the colors in a space is a great plan, it is not the only way. It is also acceptable to choose art that features colors that are the opposite of the colors you have in your room – or even simply going a black and white avenue. What matters more than anything is that the artwork compliments your space – sometimes through matching colors and sometimes just those that compliment. Look more for something you are attracted to and don’t worry as much about matching colors perfectly.

Old and New

Contrast keeps things exciting in a space and art can be a big factor in creating contrast. One great way to compliment a space with artwork is by choosing art from different eras, like medieval tapestries or Belgian tapestries, to create a compelling and robust collection. Old and new pieces can work together to make a room look amazing – plus it can be a lot of fun to mix themes and colors from different eras! Have fun with it and mix things up!

Buy What You Love

Do not shop for artwork in terms of price or originality. Instead, make sure you buy only what you love. Original artwork is a great way to add something unique to your house but it can be quite expensive – especially if it is a unique or rare piece by a popular artist. Many home decorators have found themselves regretting spending high dollar on an original piece of art because they later realize that they do not love the piece of work itself. If you like the idea of original work but don’t want to run into overspending, look for newer artists or those without a huge following.  Also be willing to buy a cheap $5 piece at a thrift store if you love it. Nobody will know or care about the price tag on your wall art when it makes your room look so good!