What is Tapestry Bell Pull? | Purpose of Tapestry Bell Pull

Bell pulls are a unique form of tapestry that serve a specific functional purpose. The main purpose of tapestry bell pulls is for decoration. They were used as decorative and practical items in homes and buildings.

What is tapestry bell pull made of?

Tapestry is a work of art that can easily captivate the interest of people. Different shades of color threads have been woven together to create textile-based artwork.

The beauty of Tapestry is that it evokes emotions, conveys movement, tells stories, or captures the essence of a subject. You can easily compare it with a canvas painting. Just as an artist meticulously applies paint onto a canvas, a tapestry artist weaves vibrant threads together, creating intricate designs and captivating scenes.

History of Tapestry Bell Pulls

Tapestry artwork was found in ancient civilizations, and remnants found in Egypt, Greece, and China provide glimpses into the early development of this art form. These early tapestries often depicted scenes from daily life, mythology, and religious rituals.

Tapestry weaving flourished during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, particularly in Europe. Royalty, nobility, and the church commissioned tapestries during this period. They were grand in scale and served multiple functions: decorating the walls of palaces, providing insulation, and showcasing wealth and power.

We can determine the functional purpose of tapestry bell pull from history and by adding a bell to the tapestry, it becomes a communication device.

Located near a doorway or hallway, it allows occupants to signal guests’ arrivals or request assistance. When you pull the cord or chain attached to the bell pull, it chimes in the space and creates sound to attract the attention of those in the vicinity. Moreover, A tapestry bell pull is a decorative item used to call someone to another room. It is hung on a wall or door and is usually made of wool or cotton with a pattern woven into the fabric. The pull is attached to a bell or other sound-making device. When the pull is tugged, the bell rings, signaling the presence of a visitor or the need for assistance.

What is the tapestry bell pull used for?

The answer is to decorate, to decorate what is totally up to an individual choice. Bell pulls could be customized to suit individual preferences or reflect the style of the home or building. They provided an opportunity for personal expression and unique design choices.

1) Wall Hanging

Using tapestry bell pull wall hanging never failed to add visually stunning decoration and artistic beauty to interior spaces. Tapestry bell pull comes in various shades of color, texture, style and themes that allow you to choose according to personal taste and style.

2) Insulation and soundproofing

In the early time when rooms and halls were created by utilizing large spaces, these tapestries were used to reduce the echoes and provide insulation. Now along with acting as a functional wall, when the airflow leads to the movement of the tapestry attached to the bell creates a soft sound which pleases the ears.

3) Showcase

History tells us that tapestry has been the symbol of status and wealth. The royalty, nobility, and wealthy patrons have them in their houses to display their social standing and refined taste. The high-quality woven tapestry bell pull can do the same.

4) Gift

For every housewarming party, a tapestry can be an excellent gift. The beauty and color of the full pattern is sure to send a message of a happy and bright life. Not to mention that tapestries were woven to celebrate achievements and mark important milestones. Therefore even birthdays and anniversaries can be a heart-touching gift.

5) Represent and preserve the cultural heritage

Many families love to stay connected to their root culture and wish to preserve them. The tapestry can be a medium to provide insights into historical periods, artistic techniques, and the cultural context of the societies or upcoming generations.


Depending on people and their perspectives plus beliefs this tapestry bell pulls can be used in many ways. In a building or home, it can serve both as a decorative and functional element. It combines practicality with visual appeal, providing a charming and traditional means of communication while enhancing the aesthetics of the space. Purpose of tapestry bell pulls served both a decorative and functional use. They were made with intricate designs, often using wool as the primary material, and were hung near doorways for the purpose of ringing bells. These unique tapestries continue to be appreciated for their beauty and historical significance. The uses of tapestry can also vary depending on the specific cultural and historical context.