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Diana Flanders large tapestries
Made in Belgium
Diana Flanders Belgian Wall Tapestry
Diana Flanders european tapestries
Diana Flanders wall art
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Diana Flanders Belgian Tapestry is a perfect example of a high-quality Belgian Tapestry. Large Wall Art Tapestries are the Perfect Wall Art for your Walls.
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Diana is a Belgian wall tapestry. In Roman mythology, Diana is the virgin goddess of the hunt; the equivalent of the Greek goddess Artemis. Diana was the daughter of Jupiter and Latona; twin sister of Apollo. Diana is the huntress goddess, associated with wild animals and the forest. She also later became a moon goddess, supplanting Luna, and was an emblem of chastity. Oak groves are especially sacred to her. She is praised in poetry for her strength, athletic grace, beauty and skill in hunting. A fine accent to your home décor.

Diana Flanders Belgian Wall Tapestry

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Composition Cotton Wool Blend
Origin Woven in Belgium
Weight 6.00 LBS
Dimensions 0.15 x 38.00 x 49.00 IN
Color Green,Brown,Cream

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Customer Reviews

Deirdre W 22/10/2019

The item match the product information and image. It’s very nice!

Jana Parsons 18/10/2019

I'm not sure if I left a review for this product but, it's AMAZING! Nice detail!

Suzanne Lanoue 17/10/2019

This is very pretty and I'm hanging it in my laundry room.

Florencia S 17/10/2019

So realistic I loved it everyone loved taking pictures with it


I was very pleased with this product--thank you !