Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is revenue system between the affiliate merchant site featuring the advertisement and the advertiser site. The affiliate site receives a fee, which is based on the amount of traffic generated by the site. This method is a very popular business promotion tool on the internet. The affiliate is paid a certain amount of commission for every pay per click, pay per lead or sale generated by him. Watching the present marketing trend, has introduced an affiliate program to increase its website traffic and tapestry sales.

The business promotion model is beneficial for the affiliate merchant also as he has to pay only when the affiliate generates results. But before using the method it is essential that proper research is carried out on the various technological solutions available. Standalone software, shopping cart with affiliate features, hosted services and third party affiliate network, are the most prevalent forms of affiliate management solutions available. Some of the marketers have their own affiliate programs while others use the services of a third party. Generally, use of the program shows a 15-20% online revenue increase.

In the past these programs had some negative feedback from the internet users as the affiliates used spam to promote their programs. Since then, affiliate programs have refined their approach and most of the reputed affiliate marketing programs prohibit spamming.

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Anybody who wants to make some money using his or her contacts can utilize the program and earn good dividends. The person who wants to be an affiliate has to fill up a form on the site. After filling the relevant details such as name, company name, address, products etc. the person can register as an affiliate.

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