Tapestry Pillows

Tapestry Pillows

How to Style Your Living Room with Tapestry Pillows

Do you want to create some changes in your living room? Add some pillows! The right cushion for your sofa will depend on a few things—the kind of fabric, size, and color that will match your sofa.                                        

Combine Modern with Vintage

Cushions made of tightly woven fabrics will be suitable for a modern living space. Cotton, for instance, is a perfect example of woven fabric. Save on Wall Art has a lot of tapestry pillows made of 100% cotton. It's worth investing in a cotton cushion because it's a hard-wearing material. It can withstand elements as well as wear and tear.

What's unique with our cushions is that they are inspired by the best art pieces. When you are looking for something vintage, you can find many cushions in classic designs. Our 18th and 19th-century cushions can give your modern living room an instant old-fashioned feel.

If you have nude-colored curtains, hang them in tapestry rods to make them more interesting. An antique bronze feather rod looks elegant. For a regal vibe, hang your curtain on a fleur finial tapestry rod.

Make It Personal

The goal of interior designing is to create a cozy space that is not just presentable. It should also reflect the people living in that certain area.  When you have the penchant for art, you can take a look at our collections which are the reproduced versions of the original tapestries now displayed in museums and private collections.

If you like to incorporate Van Gogh's works of art into your space, you can make it possible by adding tapestry pillows inspired by his work. You can find Van Gogh's Cafe Terrace at Night, Lilies, Sunflowers, and the famous Starry Night at our online store.

When you are the religious type, you can add a metal of cross into your place. A metal wall art will also be a nice addition to your living room if you want your art to symbolize your faith. Metal is often used in interior design because you can mix and match it with different materials.

Pair them with Afghan Throws

When you live in an extremely cold place, it helps to add pieces that can add warmth to your space. Put a throw blanket at the back of your couch for instant warmth and color. Tapestry throws do not only feel you comfortable. They are also attractive because they come in many different designs.

A tapestry throw with poem or quotations will be a perfect addition to your home if you need a bit more inspiration. There are even throws with pictures of stunning places. If you have beautiful memories in Alaska, you can use an Alaska-inspired throw to remind you of those memories while you relax. 

For your throws and cushions, hop on to Save on Wall Art. You can score great deals with our affordable Afghans, tapestry pillows, metal wall art, home décor, and oil paintings. Browse our website to check out our tapestry products.  

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