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Verdure Au Lac French Wall Tapestry

Verdure Au Lac French Wall Tapestry

Verdure Au Lac French Wall Tapestry

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CompositionPrinted Fabric
OriginWoven in France
Weight10.00 LBS
Dimensions0.15 x 112.00 x 85.00 IN
Verdure Au Lac from Editions d’Art de Rambouillet. Each tapestry is hand-made utilizing a painstaking silkscreen process which took several years to develop and perfect. Each film for the tapestries is hand-drawn, one for each color present in the tapestry. Each film design for a tapestry takes from six to nine months to create. The silkscreen process allows for more than 500 color gradations on each tapestry. The colors are made from base pigments and are generally unaffected by light and time. Each color is applied to the silkscreen by hand, one color per film. This is the most critical component of the process because if a centering mistake happens the tapestry is compromised. After coloration, each tapestry is aged to give it an antique patina. The base fabric is a mixture of wool, linen, cotton, and viscous. This combination and the weft’s grain help recreate the original tapestry on which these designs are based. Because so much of the process in creating each tapestry is done by hand, each tapestry will always be different from the next due to the high level of artistic craftsmanship involved. Truly each is a unique piece. Please note that due to the large size of this tapestry, it was manufactured in two halves, then fused together vertically at center.

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