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The Knight French Couch Cushion

The Knight French Couch Cushion
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The Knight French Couch Cushion

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Composition50% Wool, 40% cotton and 10% others
OriginWoven in France
Weight1.00 LBS
Dimensions0.10 x 19.00 x 19.00 IN
The original of this jacquard tapestry cushion cover, The Knight, or Le Chevalier, was woven in Arras (Flanders) at the end of the 15th century and now resides in the Montecut House in Great-Britain. The tapestry represents the knight Jean de Daillon, bearing the wolf banner, on a floral background. Jean de Daillon was officer and adviser to France's King Charles, the VIII. Being with Joan of Arc when taking Orleans made his fame.

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