Poppies by Monet Belgian Wall Tapestry

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ArtistClaude Monet
Composition18% Treveria, 47% Cotton, 20% Wool, 16% mercuraise
OriginWoven in Belgium
Dimensions0.10 × 34.00 × 27.00 in

Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White


Monet's Poppies is a Belgian jacquard wall tapesry. The artwork comes from a painting by Claude Monet completed in 1873, this piece is also called Poppies Blooming. In the countryside, a vivid splash of poppies seems to move in a gentle breeze. Monet has made the red poppies and the green field effectively equiluminant. The position of the poppies seems uncertain. To many viewers, they appear to quiver.


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