Paysage Exotique Landscape French Wall Tapestry

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Composition50% Wool, 40% cotton and 10% others
OriginWoven in France
Dimensions0.10 × 58.00 × 58.00 in

Beige, Cream, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


Paysage, or Exotique Landscape is a variation of The Pineapple Harvest, which originates from a set of ten tapestries called The History of the Chinese Emperor that were initially made for the Rambouillet castle.

At the end of the 17th century, Jesuit missionaries were returning from China with tales and knowledge that were to influence the royal courts of Europe.

The tapestries, very exotic for the time, were commissioned by Louis Alexandre de Bourbon, son of the King Louis XIV, to the Beauvais Manufacture.

This French impressionist wall tapestry is surrounded by a floral border adding to it an additional layer of opulent imagery.


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