Lady Godiva Wall Tapestry

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ArtistThe Bridgeman Art Library
Composition80% Cotton, 20% Viscose and Polyester blend.
OriginMade in the U.S.A.
Dimensions0.10 × 70.00 × 50.00 in

Brown, Red, tan


Lady Godiva woven tapestry is inspired by the work of artist John Collier. Set in the 13th Century, here we see the lady naked and on horseback, with her horse decorated in regal attire. Based on the artwork of John Collier, around 1897, the original of which is in the Herbert Art Gallery. According to legend, the Lady Godiva pleaded for her husband to reduce taxes for the people of Coventry. He said that he would do so if she rode nude through the town. A proclamation was made to have the people stay inside. Peeping Tom was the character who decided to have a look at the scene.


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