L’Odorat French Wall Tapestry

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Composition95% cotton & 5% Viscose
OriginWoven in France
Dimensions0.15 × 36.00 × 27.00 in

Green, Red


L'Odorat, or Smell, is a French woven jacquard wall tapestry based on the series called The Lady And The Unicorn circa 1511. The lady stands, making a wreath of flowers. Her maidservant holds a basket of flowers within her easy reach. Again, the lion and unicorn frame the lady while holding on to the pennants. The monkey has stolen a flower which he is smelling, providing the key to the allegory.
The background is done in the millefleurs style. The original set of 6 tapestries personify the five senses, the sixth commonly considered to be a declaration of love. Commissioned by Jean Leviste and woven by Willem de Pannemaker; now on exhibit in the Cluny Museum in Paris.


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