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Halte Des Chasseurs French Wall Tapestry

Made in France
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Halte Des Chasseurs French Wall Tapestry

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Composition50% Wool, 40% cotton and 10% others
OriginWoven in France
Weight5.00 LBS
Dimensions0.15 x 53.00 x 36.00 IN
Halte Des Chasseurs French woven tapestry wallhanging is inspired after an Aubusson tapestry, middle of the 18th century. The Aubusson weavers known for their traditional “verdures” began to switch their work towards themes popular at this time, such as rural and pastoral ones. They created a style of tapestry called “the rustic”. This tapestry is a perfect illustration of this style. Hunters and pretty ladies rest and chat idly in a lush and verdant nature

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Customer Reviews

Maureen Bergin01/08/2018

Nice Product

Donna S. Raburn18/05/2018

This lovely fine art tapestry is even more attractive in my hands than in the picture. I am delighted with the size of the tapestry and the colour of the yarns.


looked at a lot of tapestries before I selected the Lake Como tapestry. This one is GREAT. The picture is of high quality, the material is good. Looks great in my son's dorm room!


It’s exactly what is pictured. The material is thicker than I thought it would be. Very scenic and well finished.

N. Cokely10/07/2018

The Old Cajun Man from the movie Joe Dirt advised “Home is where you make it yours”. As I ventured four hours away from home to college, I could not relate more. In order to make my dorm feel like home, I decorated my wall with the Multi/Black, Kayso Tree of Life Psychedelic Wall Hanging Elephant Tapestry. My once blank dorm room is now filled with color and warmth. This graduation gift, has been hanging on my wall for almost a year bringing a sense calm with it. I love my tapestry so much, I bought a similar one for my sister around Christmas. I wanted her to be able to create a friendly atmosphere in dorm for the last couple of years away from home. Although my tapestry looks exactly like the color online, the one I ordered for my sister was a little darker than anticipated. This is one of the best college gifts I received. It is something useful, but it is still something that brings joy to me every time I walk in the room. I would highly recommend this tapestry for any college student.