Coastal Connection Large Wall Tapestry Wall Tapestry

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OriginMade in the U.S.A.
Dimensions0.10 x 53.00 x 53.00 in


Artist Lisa Ridgers was born in Shoreham-By-Sea, on England's South Coast. Her passion to create began in her childhood, selling her pencil sketches for pocket money, at the tender age of thirteen. Following her education in the United Kingdom, Ridgers moved to the states, where she continued her education and further developed her inherent artistic abilities. She exhibits her unique style, using acrylic paints, and a range of other mediums and techniques. The end result is a growing body of work that is a fusion of bold organic palettes and natural elements, with a subject matter that ranges from minimalist, to vivid, earthy landscapes. Coastal Connection is a bold, statement piece, one that skillfully shows both the power, and the serenity of the sea. Cool blues and warm pops of earth tones will bring a fine accent to your living space. Available in three sizes, 8021-WH, 8020-WH, and 8019-WH.


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