Blossoming Almond Tree Small Wall Tapestry

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Composition100% Cotton.
Dimensions0.10 × 35.00 × 35.00 in


Van Gogh painted this beautiful still life of delicate almond blossoms set against a clear blue sky in 1890, to commemorate the birth of his nephew, Vincent Willem. Van Gogh’s brother, Theo, advised that he had named his son after Vincent, and stated “I am making a wish that he may be as determined and courageous as you”. The branches of the almond tree were chosen as a symbol of new life, being a variety that blossoms in early spring in the south of France. Theo and his wife, Jo, chose to display the painting over the piano in their living room, and it was the work that remained closest to the hearts of their family. Vincent Willem went on to found the Van Gogh Museum. Our woven wall tapestry interpretation masterfully captures the bright blue sky, and the detail of the delicate, white blossoms, allowing you to bring the beauty of the original into your living space. Available in two sizes on this website.


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