Bayeux Banquet II Belgian Wall Tapestry

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Composition100% Cotton.
OriginWoven in Belgium
Dimensions0.15 × 62.00 × 27.00 in

Beige, Brown, Cream


Bayeux Banquet II is a Belgian jacquard wall hanging tapestry depicting a scene from the extraordinary tapestry, Bayeux, which tells the story behind the Battle of Hastings of 1066 between Duke William of Normandy and King Harold of England. Here in this tapestry we see William and his crew enjoying a feast after their victory. The battle took only one day, but shaped the course of England for years to come when William becomes the first Norman king of England. We see flame cooked meat eaten on skewers, with a band of musicians providing entertainment. The border is intricate with an array of real and mythological creatures. The original Bayeux tapestry is 230 feet long and this scene is one of many from this montage of medieval history.

A beautifully woven piece that captures the ornate weaving of the original so well, recapturing history.


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