Bacchus Cat (Cats) Afghan Decorative Throw

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ArtistMelinda Copper
Composition100% Cotton.
OriginWoven in North America
Dimensions0.00 × 54.00 × 70.00 in


Talented artist Melinda Copper remembers that her earliest memories involve trying to get close enough to animals to touch them, eventually learning to control a pencil well enough to draw them. Her lifelong love of animals comes across in her clever recreations of classic masterpieces with animals taking the place of the human subjects. Our artisans have woven a lush and delightful 100% cotton blanket interpretation of Copper's remake of the famous 1595 painting, Bacchus by Caravaggio. The image depicts a handsome regal cat, sipping wine, his head adorned with a crown of grapes and leaves.


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