Art Noveau Autumn Belgian Wall Tapestry


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ArtistAlphonse Mucha
Composition100% Soft Cotton Chenille
OriginWoven in Belgium
Dimensions0.10 × 28.00 × 64.00 in

Cream, Gold, Green, Red


Art Noveau Autumn Belgian chenille tapestry features the work of artist Alphonse Mucha.
One of a series of tapestries depicting the four seasons, “Art Nouveau Autumn” celebrates the coming of fall. The subject of the piece, a lovely female, is shown holding fruit and an organic scepter in a style that is the very essence of the Art Nouveau art. The detail is amazing on this tapestry. It is based on the groundbreaking work of artist Alphones Mucha (1860-1939) who helped define the Art Nouveau period, which lasted 30 years. A native of Czechoslovakia, Mucha lived in Paris during the height of his career. There, he painted many works, including Panneaux, a series of works designed around a central theme. These were extremely popular during Mucha’s lifetime.


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