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Decorate Your Bare Walls with European Tapestries

Unicorn Tapestries

Unicorn Tapestries

How to Decorate Your Living Space with Unicorn Tapestries

Unicorns are among the well-loved legendary creatures. We are unsure of their existence but there is one thing we cannot deny: they are amazing! Unicorns are always associated with beauty, that they are often used to design garments and even tapestries.

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If you want to give your bare walls some life, consider hanging unicorn tapestries. Any home would always look welcoming with them. But add some unicorns into the picture and you’ll give your space a mystical and a vintage feel.

This is because unicorns symbolize infinite possibilities. They are magical beasts who continue to make us wonder about their existence. When you don’t know where to shop for your unicorn tapestries, browse Save on Wall Art.

How to incorporate unicorns into interior design? Consider the right ways of hanging as well as other creative ways to use them other than hanging them on bare walls. You will be surprised with the limitless ways you can use tapestries for your home.

Secure the Tapestry with Nails or Velcro

When you are planning to hang them on a big wall, the first thing you must consider is how to do it the most presentable way possible. Stay away from thumbtacks because they don’t look so fit to be seen. If you are about to use nails, consider placing them in rows so they will come in straight lines.

Frame the Tapestry

When you have a lot of tapestries, you can display them more neatly by framing them. For those who want to save money on this, it is not a bad idea to DIY. You will need insulation foam to do this as well as some pine wood for framing.

There are a lot of tutorials for DIY frames that do not require power tools. You can even use cardboard if that is the only material you have at home. Framing will be a great idea when you have more than three tapestries at home.

Use it as a Bedspread

What it’s like to see unicorns as soon as you wake up? It’s energizing and that only means they are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. When you feel like your bed badly needs a canopy, instantly create one using a tapestry. It also makes a unique headboard, when you feel like changing the look of your current headboard.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to use a tapestry into your living space. Use your creativity to come up with limitless ways to use them. For different styles of tapestry, browse Save on Wall Art. We have beautiful unicorn tapestries that will give your bedroom or living area an instant fashionable look.

Beautify your living space with tapestries, cushions, wall arts, and home decors by shopping from our online store. We offer a lot of tapestry products at competitive prices. We also give discounts every now and then, so you can save more money on your next home decorating project.